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Product Description

Tecco Grid is made of high tensile strength steel wire 3.0mm 4.0mm or 2.0mm, with the tensile strength ≥1,770N/mm2, knotted ends ≥1.5 laps, normally the grid specifications are including Tecco System G65/3 G65/4 G80/4 G45/2 G/40/2, All these designs enable the tensile strength of 1m with of mesh no less than 150kN/m, which can supply maximum protection to the slopes and peoples.


Specifications of Tecco Grid

  * Wire diameter: 3 mm, 4 mm or 2.0mm.

  * Grid type: Rhomboid hole, G65/3, G80/4, G45/2, G40/2 etc.

  * Grid size: Inscribed circle diameter is 65 mm, 80mm, 45mm, 40mm, 60mm, 55mm, 70mm, 75mm etc.

  * Tensile strength: minimum 1770 MPa. (It's also available with 900Mpa, 1370Mpa etc.)

  * Corrosion treatment: zinc-aluminum coated (Zinc coating ≥150g/m2.  or heavily zinc coated (Zinc coating ≥200g/m2.)

  * Zinc thickness: no less than 150 g/m2.

  * Breaking load of single wire: 12.5 kN.

  * Roll width: 1 m- 2.9m- 3.5 m- 3.9m.

  * Roll length: 10 m- 20m- 30m.


Features of Tecco Grid

  * Safety. The Tecco Grid can be used to stabilize any kinds of slope, including rocks and loose soil slopes.

  * High tensile strength. The tecco grid is made of high tensile spring wire, which the tensile strength is more than 1770 MPa, which can supply maximum protection to the slope and people.

  * Environmental friendly. The rhomboid mesh can let the plants grow regularly and make the slope or maintain be more beautiful.

  * Rhomboid mesh structure. This structure provide most stability for the geological conditions and can be tightly secured on the slope even on the irregular mountains.

  * Knotted ends. Different from the chain link fence which has wrapped edge, the tecco grid has knotted ends which can improve the tensile strength and stability of the structure.

  * Lightweight. The tecco grid has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which make it easy to install and transport.

  * Durable. The corrosive resistance surface let the tecco grid has outstanding corrosive resistance performance, and the high tensile strength material make the tecco grid be used for a long service life.

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