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Inchalam Mesh

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Product Description

Inchalam Mesh is made of the steel wire 4.4mm, which has a tensile strength of 890-990Mpa, the wire corrosion protection Zn95% Al 5%, with mesh size 50*50mm, mesh edges knotted, pro-tects against rockfall, rock bursts and squeezing ground in underground mining and tunnelling. Inchalam Mesh can carry higher static and dynamic loads than traditional reinforcement nets.

The wire is sufficiently tough and does not behave in a brittle manner. It can be stretched over sharp rock edges without sustaining damage. The mesh is square-shaped and along the edges, the wires are bent over and double twisted in such a way that this connection is as strong as the mesh it-self. The mesh is produced in rolls and can be manufactured in widths of up to 3.5m, in wire diameters of 4.4mm, 3mm or others and in tailor-made lengths corresponding to the tunnel surface.

With the Inchalam Mesh installation handler, compatible with all multi-arm drilling jumbos, the Inchalam Mesh is unrolled onto the wall in roll widths up to 3.5m and bolted by the jumbo operator in the same working process, thereby providing a fast, safe and fully mechanized installation. The mesh rolls are mechanically picked up by the jumbo with the Inchalam Mesh, thus minimizing manual han-dling under unsupported sections of the drive.


Inchalam Mesh

Wire diameter:4.4 mm

High tensile strength 890-990Mpa

Mesh size:50mm x 50mm

Mesh shape: square

Material:high tesnile steel wire mesh     

Corrosion protection: Zn 95%  Al 5%

Mesh edges knotted

Roll width:2.3m or 3.2m or 3.5m

Roll length:10m or 30m



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