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Flexible Ring Net Barriers

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Product Description

The Flexible Ring Net Barriers also known as Rocco Ring Net, Rocco High Tensile Steel Wire Ring Net, it linked together by rings made of high tensile-strength steel wire which between 5 and 19 spirals are bundled together. It has good buffering performance through its deformation, and it is with outstanding energy absorption properties and has a wide application for active and passive protection system.

Bundling Types

   Ring net has three bundling types of rings,ordinary pressed connection, direct winding and spiral winding. Especially,direct winding ring has the outstanding performance. The wire is bearing load uniformly,has a simple appearance without a button joint, and is without ring broken failure when loading.



Inner Diameter

Winding Number

Wire Diameter

Tensile Strength

Zinc Coating


5, 7, 9,
10, 12, 17,
19, 20

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